“At St Gregory’s, my promise to you is that your child will have the opportunity belong to a dynamic yet nurturing community and know in their heart that they matter every day.”

Michelle Verna, Principal – St Gregory’s

“My older boys both went to St Gregory the Great School and this year my youngest son began Prep. Although he was already familiar with the school he didn’t want to start school. He loved kinder and he is the type of child that doesn’t like change. I knew the the Prep Transition sessions were going to be tough because of his attitude/nature. The first tansition session which I think may have been back in June last year was definitely the hardest. While most of the other new Preps sat eagerly to listen to a story, my son attached himself to my leg-and this wasn’t even in the room with the other kid yet!!! We listened to the story from outside the room and then after a while, I finally managed to get him into the room and sit among the other kids but still with me by his side!! About a moth later we went to the next transition session…he was hesitant at the beginning, still clinging to me- but definitely joined sooner than the first time. He was curious as it was a loud music activity. These transition sessions became easier every time. They were interesting and fun, lasting approximately 45 minutes. Every session had a different theme/activity for example music, using iPads, art, sports and languages. He enjoyed working with the other kids from St Gregory the Great during these sessions too. When it came to orientation day later on the year, I was so surprised that he actually walked into the classroom happy and without hesitation. I was shocked! I believe this was definitely because of all the transition sessions that he had been to- it was the best thing for him!!” –

– Prep Parent – St Gregory the Great

“What makes St Gregory the Great School a great school? Its loving, nurturing, welcoming and supportive community where lifelong friendships are made! It isn’t just a school for its children but also for their families. From its principal to its teachers to its parents and students, we were so warmly welcome right from when we came for a tour. Before we started on this journey, we weren’t sure if our son should attend a mainstream school; but we were assured that St Gregory the Great School is absolutely the perfect place for him and sure enough, we’ve watched him grow from a boy who didn’t want to attend his transition session to a boy who happily, excitedly and confidently walked to class and waved as goodbye on that first day of school and every single day after that. Through his teacher’s unfailing love and often good humour, he has made a smooth transition to school. We cannot thank our warm, beautiful and loving school enough for what they’ve done for our son and our family; nothing is ever too difficult nor too hard. Thank you for our family and lifelong friends. We couldn’t have picked a better school for our son even if we tried.”

– Prep Parent – St Gregory the Great


“I am so proud, appreciative and thankful to all the wonderful staff for creating an amazing St Gregory’s School community. I feel truly blessed and appreciative and so lucky for my family to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

– Parent – St Gregory the Great


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