St Gregory the Great Parish Primary School:

At St Gregory the Great Parish Primary School, we strongly believe that the school is a vital component of the parish in the faith education of its children from Prep to Year 6. We cherish our supportive community spirit. We celebrate our faith with creative and contemporary liturgies, give practical witness to Gospel values and explore current social issues. Open communication between staff, students and families is encouraged. Throughout the school year many opportunities are provided for school families and parishioners to be actively involved in educational, emotional, social and fundraising activities. 


St Gregory the Great Playgroup is suitable for ages 1 to 5 years.  It offers an opportunity for parents to meet in an informal setting and for young children to play and interact with others.

Parish Education board 

Parish Education Board is just one way that parents can become involved with the school and work with other Board members to assist the school as a school advisory group.  
The purpose and role of the Parish Education Board is to:

  • Provide informed advice to the Parish Priest and Principal
  • Contribute to the formulation of school policy
  • Support the Parish Primary School in the development of plans for the future
  • Assist in the development of strategies for the promotion of Catholic Education
  • Support projects in fulfillment of its objectives.

School Mass

Students are given the opportunity to celebrate Mass as a whole school and in year levels.

Year 3 and Year 4 students attend Parish Mass weekly on a Thursday morning at 9am

Year 5 and Year 6 students attend Parish Mass weekly on a Friday morning at 9am.

Our children are actively involved in these Masses as they are given opportunities to undertake readings and altar serve at each Mass.
Our Parish Priest Monsignor Anthony Ireland, ensures that the Mass and his Homily and discussion of the Gospel is adapted so that our students have a meaningful ‘Take Home Message’ which is then discussed in greater detail in class. 


Regular opportunities also exist for whole school masses to celebrate liturgical calendar events.

Parish Website: http://www.stgregs.org.au/

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