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Free Webinar – School Readiness (Register Below)

7.30pm Wednesday 28th October 2020

Wondering if your child will be ready for school?

During this free webinar we will explore:

– What advice should you listen to?

– Does your child need to be socially and academically ready?

– What signs can you look for to know your child is ready?

Are you wondering if time away from kinder this year has impacted your child’s readiness to start school next year?

As experienced educators, we specialise in understanding how to support children to adapt to the school learning environment. We warmly invite you to register your details below to join principal Michelle Verna for this free webinar to identify whether your child is ready for school.

Michelle will explore your main concerns when it comes to the transition to school and provide advice so you can feel confident your child will be ready.
Complete your details below to register for the webinar

Are you a current parent?

Help spread our story. We would love you to share our online tour with anyone you know who has children starting school in our area. Click the link below to check it out for yourself.

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