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The Worlds only Flying Mammals – Bat Facts for Kids

Bats live almost everywhere on earth, except the Arctic and Antarctica.

There are 1300 species of bats, and only three of the species are Vampire Bats. So yes, Vampire Bats are real, but they are also tiny and not interested in drinking human blood.

Australians, we have an incredible catalogue of bat species, and many of them adorable and curious to look at. My favourite could be the ‘Eastern Tube-nosed Bat from Queensland. They have gorgeous yellowish specs of colour on their bodies – check out the link to learn more on Australian Bats.

Facts on Bats

  • Bats are significant to the health and balance of all-natural ecosystems. For example, bats are pollinators, and we rely on them for many of the fruits we eat.
  • A single bat can eat up to 3000 small flying insects in an hour. Bats keep our flying insect populations in check; imagine if there were no bats?
  • Bats do carry diseases, so be very careful not to handle a wild bat without supervision.
    Although very rare – bats can give you Rabies, it is important to be careful not to be scratched or bitten by a wild bat.