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Sound Waves and Brain Waves

Sound waves are the same as brain waves.
Sound is a vibration that moves through the atmosphere, water and our bodies as waves. Our ears amazingly can read the waves and convert them into sounds.

Not all sound waves are audible to the human ear. Some sounds have positive effects on our wellbeing and are used to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Soundwaves are used as a tool to look inside your body – ultrasound.

Harmful sounds that cause you to feel agitated, aggressive, scared or impulsive should be avoided as they can cause harm to your brain and body.

Sound Waves & Brain Waves
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Guest Contributor: Emily Rack
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Emily Rack is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, freelance writer and visual content creator. She incorporates a unique creative flair into her yoga and meditation classes, courses and workshops. Emily hosts events and classes in schools and the wider community & is passionate about teaching the art of mindfulness.