Contemporary Learning

students reading

Literacy and Numeracy are fundamental to our children’s success and the foundations for these are set in early years.  Our early Literacy and Numeracy programs individually monitor each child’s progress, allowing teachers to address specific needs.  This monitoring continues as children move through the school, ensuring their attainment of high standards.

At St Gregory’s School:

  • We provide for our children challenging experiences tailored to:
      – meet their individual needs                                                                                                                                             – encourage the development of self-esteem and an awareness of their gifts                                                       – develop a sense of responsibility and a desire to serve others                                                                             – engender a lifelong love of learning. 
  • We use appropriate contemporary technologies and resources that enable and transform learning
  • We offer special programs in Music, Art, ITC, Mandarin and Italian
  • Reading Recovery, Maths Intervention and programs catering for highly able students are provided
  • We are accredited as a Performance and Development Culture School.  All staff are knowledgeable, dedicated and caring professionals who strive to provide an active learning environment where students’ needs are met.  The staff themselves are lifelong learners who strive to impart a love of learning in the students
  • We have an extensive Visual Arts and Performing Arts Program
  • We offer a comprehensive Physical Education Program
  • All Grade 6s are inducted as leaders of our school.